Travel with baby Checklist

Travel with baby Checklist

It’s travel time again with holiday season soon arriving, you may be ready to leave on that long-awaited trip. But this year you may be traveling with your baby and you wonder if it will be ok to travel with your little one. While there is a lot excitement around planning a trip, there is always a worry of not having packed enough for baby.

No matter how long or short your trip or what your destination might be, a few tips from us will put all your travel-with-baby anxiety as ease and will make your travel a lot more comfortable and fun.

Travel-with-baby Checklist

Diaper bags-baby clothing- Layettes

Travelling with Baby Checklist

Diaper bags-baby clothing- Layettes

Travelling with Baby Checklist

Let’s look at this comprehensive checklist for all travel enthusiastic parents that covers all essential baby products to carry along.

  1. Diaper bags: Also known as mommy bags, this product is your first step to start packing for baby. There are many options and styles available online these days, from simple to stylish. However, keep in mind that your diaper bag needs to carry all baby items, so choose a bag that is functional and roomy with multiple pockets.

  2. Diapers & wipes: Always keep diapers and wipe case handy in the front or side compartment of your diaper bag. Carry at least 4-6 diapers for your baby during travel. Any brand that works for you and your baby is best.

  3. Rash cream: A must-have for baby during travel as sometimes a diaper change may not timely and can lead to skin rash.

  4. Baby apparel: Pack a few sets of comfortable clothing for your baby. Its advisable to carry bodysuits, cap, mitten and booties, and a long sleeve romper when you travel so that your little one stays warm with extra layering pieces should the weather get cold or uncomfortable.

  5. Blanket & Swaddles: A comfortable breathable blanket is always a good idea to carry for your baby to keep her warm and snug. We recommend cotton muslin swaddles and blankets as they are breathable and soft and perfect for every weather.

  6. Baby bottles & Nursing Aprons: keep 2 bottles handy for baby during travel. If you are breast feeding you may also carry along your breast pump and a nursing apron to provide you with comfort and privacy.

  7. Burp cloths: Keep handy for a set of burp cloths to attend to drools or spills during travel with baby

  8. Pacifiers: Place a clean pacifier in your diaper bag’s pacifier pouch. If your bag does not have an assigned place for the pacifier, have it handy in the front pocket of your diaper bag.

  9. Disposable diaper change mats or foldable change mats: There are some great products available for changing your baby’s diapers during travel. Buy online a pack or two of disposable change mats or a foldable, light weight change mat for a germ-free, hygienic changing experience.

  10. Car seat organizer: When travelling by car, a car seat organizer that carries baby essentials like, diapers, milk bottle, rattlers and baby food is important. It not only gets you to those baby items faster but also can keep you baby entertained as many organizers have an ipad pocket where you can place your ipad to play nursery rhymes to keep baby buys during car travel.

  11. Medical kit: Last but important, prepare a medical kit for your baby in consultation with your baby’s paediatrician. The kit should carry all essentials like, bandages, nasal drops, Tylenol, bug spray, rash cream, sun block (SPF 50), thermometer, baby vitamins and any other specific medications your baby may need.

With all the above baby essentials packed in, you and your family will be all set and ready to travel-with-baby.