Identification And Resources For PVC School Supplies

Identification And Resources For PVC School Supplies

How to Identify PVC, the Poison Plastic:

The key to avoiding PVC products is recognising them and knowing how to find safer alternatives.

  • PVC products are often labeled with the words ‘vinyl’ on the packaging, such as vinyl 3-ring binders.
  • To identify PVC packaging, first look for the universal recycling symbol. If it has the number ‘3’ inside it, or the letters ‘V’ or ‘PVC’ underneath it, you know the product is made out of PVC. Just remember - bad news comes in #3’s don’t buy PVC.
  • Some products are not properly labeled, making it tough to determine whether they contain PVC. If you’re uncertain, e-mail or call the 1-800 number of the manufacturer or retailer and ask what type of plastic their product is made of. You have a right to know.

Where does your child’s PVC Backpack and Lunch box / bag come from?

Mossville, Louisiana is a small African-American community which is the vinyl manufacturing capital of America. This area is home to more PVC chemical plants than any other in the country. Communities like Mossville, LA, are where the chemicals used to make PVC lunch boxes, backpacks, and other school supplies are created - exposing the community and workers to highly toxic chemicals.

In India almost all imported or locally made kids backpacks and lunch bags contain PVC.

If you want PVC free backpacks for kids, PVC free diaper bags, PVC free pre-school lunch bag for kids, look for PVC- Free Labels such as the one below:

pvc free

In 2010, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta aired an hour-long special investigating the pollution problems in Mossville. A US EPA study in 1999 found levels of the cancer-causing chemical vinyl chloride (one of the key chemicals used to make PVC) in the air at greater than 100 times the state air quality standard. As a result of exposure to pollution, residents suffer from elevated rates of disease. The federal government found alarming results-community members had more than three times the national average of dioxins in their blood, elevated dioxins in breast milk, and high cancer mortality rates.

Next time you pick up that PVC binder or PVC school supply, think about communities such as Mossville, Louisiana and others around the world where these products are created. Hence, avoid them and use PVC free pre-school backpacks and lunch bag for kids, etc. as they are integral part of your kids’ health during schooling years.

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