How to overcome hassles of changing diapers “On-The-Go”

How to overcome hassles of changing diapers “On-The-Go”

Visualize This Typical Scenario:

A modern mother carrying her baby with her during her visits to a public place such as a mall, a theater, etc. and she suddenly realizes that her baby needs an urgent diaper change.

How does she cope with this urgency?

She immediately gets alerted and dashes out to a nearby changing station with her baby and a few shopping bags. At the changing station, the hassle which she goes through while getting everything she needs out of her packed diaper bag, is hard to describe and even harder to live through, even with a cooperative baby.

How would you cope with this diaper changing hassle?

You would be lucky if you had your spouse or a friend to help you while you fend into your baby diaper bags and take out all essentials such as a spare diaper, wet wipes, rash cream, spare cloths, etc. and carry them all in your hand, of course along with your baby.

If you are on your own, the hassle quotient gets multiplied several times. You are left to jostle with the restive baby, your belongings and your baby bag for mom.

One simple solution to overcome part of the hassles is to organize yourself much better with an appropriate mini diaper bag or a portable changing pad.

My Milestones has recently Introduced INSTA, a diaper changing system with adjustable pillow for yours and your baby’s comfort.

A product like INSTA will allow you to be battle-ready in advance with all necessary items neatly organized in a foldable “clutch style” changing pad which you can keep handy while you are shopping, travelling, partying and simply out of your home. Just carry a fully loaded Insta changing system by My Milestones in your baby diaper bag and you are ready to go.

The changing system sports stylish patterns in vibrant colors. Its unique feature is the adjustable soft pillow which gives your child comfort and keeps head rested during the diaper change.