Breast feeding is Best and so are Nursing Cover … here is why?

Breast feeding is Best and so are Nursing Cover … here is why?

Brest feeding is Best and so are Nursing Cover … here is why?

Giving birth and having your little one in your arms is the best feeling of all. But soon you realize as a new mother or as a mom of your second born that your breastfeeding job starts at once and that job is an important one.

Your baby when hungry will let you know instantly and at this point you will need to be ready to breast feed, be it at home or on-the-go.

While you will be both eager and anxious to nurse your little one, you will also be thinking about your privacy and how to get it right such that both you and baby are most comfortable. But your crying, whining, hungry baby will be given priority more often and privacy goes out of the door.

This is where a nursing cover or a Nursing Apron really comes in handy. You may wonder are nursing covers really necessary?  The answer is YES and you will see why. Imagine you trying to feed your whining baby and your older child or toddler wants you at the same time, knocks on your room door or simply walks in on you while you are feeding your baby.  Your nursing cover protects your privacy, helps you attend to the needs of both your kids at once. Plus babies tend to feed well under nursing aprons - as they are less distracted by sound and light, which helps mom and baby bond better too.

Nursing aprons nowadays come with multiple pockets that help you store pacifiers, breast pads, breast creams etc. such that you can easily access them while and after feeding. 

For on-the-go moms, nursing covers are a blessing as finding nursing rooms and clean places to breastfeed is not easy. Reality is that you need your comfort while feeding your baby when travelling, as you may be with your family or friends and unless you are not comfortable you will not be able to feed with confidence.

Breast feeding in a relaxed, comfortable way with privacy makes your baby calmer too and thereby the baby feeds well. A nursing apron goes a long way in taking care of a successful feeding experience for both mom and baby which is hygienic, clean, comfortable and baby friendly.

What to look for in a great Nursing Apron:

  • Should be comfortable & pleasing for you to use
  • The size should be generous to provide adequate coverage
  • Avoid  loud  multicolour prints which may disturb baby
  • Go for deeper blue/grey colours to protect against undesirable light for the baby while feeding
  • Look for multiple pockets to keep the feeding bottles. Breast pads, creams etc.
  • If your apron has terry towel hand pockets on the inner side to wipe the baby during or after feeding