100% Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddle/Wrap and Baby Blankets

100% Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddle/Wrap and Baby Blankets

Parents have been using muslin in the form of Baby Swaddles and Baby Blankets for swaddling and wrapping for many generations. This breathable and 100% cotton fabric is ideal for baby swaddle/wrap and Baby Blankets. A well sized (larger than 40 x 40 inches) muslin swaddle can be used as a stylish single-layer comforter throw blanket, a stroller cover, a burp cloth or a nursing cover. In the same way, a well sized (larger than 40 x 40 inches) muslin blankets in 2 or 3 layers can be used as comforter or blanket. The swaddle/wrap or a Blanket will be enjoyed by the little ones for much longer than their Mom and Dad can imagine.

Why Muslin?

An outstanding feature of muslin is that it's super soft breathable nature stays intact and even gets enhanced after each wash.

History of Muslin:

The material was first made in the city of Mosul (now in Iraq), from which it derived its name. Early Indian made muslin fabrics, also known as Mul Mul, were hand-woven of extremely fine hand-spun yarns. They were imported into Europe from India in the 17th century and were later manufactured in Scotland and England.

What is a muslin Swaddle Wrap used for? What is a muslin Swaddle Wrap used for

Besides the aptest use for swaddling a baby, a well sized Muslin Swaddle Wrap Blanket (Swaddlers) has multiple uses:

  • As a Receiving Blanket - a very soft and attractive choice.
  • As a burp shoulder cloth which can protect your cloth.
  • As a stroller cover - an attractively designed swaddle wrap can turn the heads of onlookers.
  • As a Nursing Cover - a well sized breathable Muslin swaddle blanket doubles as a trendy cover which can ensure the comfort of the baby.
  • As a single layer Muslin Blanket for infants/ babies
  • As a security/comforter throw blanket for Summers- your child will take fancy for it even till the age of 3 years or so.

The above versatility extends the useful life of the swaddle far beyond the infant age of the child.